Belmont Chambers Cooperative

Coop Housing since 1985



Belmont Chambers Cooperative is a limited-equity housing cooperative with 16 apartments in the Fenway section of Boston, Massachusetts. We're about a block away from Symphony Hall.

The Cooperative’s mission is to provide long term affordable housing in the City of Boston. This affordability and the cooperative nature of the building results in low turnover. Building units do become available from time to time. The information on this website is intended as an introduction to prospective members of Belmont Chambers Cooperative in particular and to housing cooperatives in general. It also serves as a source for information about the Cooperative and application materials.

Studio Unit Available!

We currently have a 400 square foot studio unit available on the first floor. It has recently been completely renovated with a new kitchen and carpeting.

The income limit for the building for 2014 is $103,840. The monthly carrying charges are $589 per month. With a share price of $30,000 that includes a $25,000 share loan ($5,000 down) we’d expect the share loan to cost an additional $150 per month for a total housing cost of $739 per month. This amount may vary depending on the amount of the down payment, the amount of the share loan and its interest rate at the time of the closing.

Please read the website for details keep in touch for information about Open Houses. You can go to the FAQ and Forms page and download application forms and directions for making an application.